To institute change we must Advance, Colle​ctively and with Tact on the political AND social fronts.

"Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy."

- Sir Isaac Newton


Follow the progressive steps below...

  1. Register To Vote and Know Who Represents You- Voting is FREE, and you should know who speaks for you!

  2. Get Involved At Home!​- Reach inward, then outward! Find your community association:

    • Locate IT!- Then participate!​

    • Start Your Own- Don't have an ACTIVE community organization? Build one!

    • Volunteer in your community

  3. Be At The Table- Not under it. Go to where the information is delivered and the decisions are made!

  4. Give Your Political And Social Advocates A Chance- Tell them your needs and what you want!​​

    • Need help writing a letter and other great info? Check out THIS resource!​​​

    • Or TEXT your Federal and State Legislators through apps like "Resist Bot"


​   Still Not Being Heard?​​

Check out the resources below to guide you in preparing to organize...

  1. Escalate to an Organized and Collective Movement!

  2. Run For Office!

  3. Join An Organization currently promoting your concerns and be active!

BUT before you move...REMEMBER!

© 2019 Operation P.R.O. "I AM: PROfessional, PROficient, and PROcise in my advocacy." Use What You Have and Make. It. Happen.