"To be peacefully-disruptive does not mean to avoid conflict, but

to not let conflict disrupt you!" 

 So often we think to get the change we want we have to either flip tables, or neatly set them. On the contrary, it requires a delicate balance.


Move with intent and purpose, speak with conviction and collected thoughts, but remain approachable. Speak your truth, and remember that others have theirs.


 In the Operation P.R.O. Logo the two hands represent one for political and one for social organization, and the heart represents

our primary pillar...LOVE.

We are showing people how to "Use What You Have" to "Make. It. Happen." while moving in:

  • LOVE- Your fellow man and/or woman. Disagreement does not have to lead to divisiveness. ​

  • INFLUENCE-  Persuade others to take your thoughts into consideration. Don’t get stuck on trying to change their mind. Collaboration takes concessions, neither side may get all of what they want, but can you work together to get the best outcome possible?

  • FAITH- Does not only apply to those with a religious belief, but a belief that something will change. Do you have faith to wait for the change you want, believing that it will come?

  • TRUTH- We must always pursue the truth. We can't rely solely on the first encounter, or what we think to be true, we have to look for and in some cases wait for it. To move on anything but the truth (the facts), could compromise your process and progress.

  • HUMILITY- Though you may not agree, your approach to disagreement matters. Stay humble in the face of disagreement, because your attitude represents your willingness to progress, or your willingness to divide.

  • UNITY- Pursue solutions that seek to unite us over the things that divide us. No matter your cause you should seek to build bridges and not burn them.

  • PERSEVERANCE- Change takes time. Period. You must take into account every step towards progress. Delay is not denial. Be prepared to pass the torch because it may take longer than you thought. Giving up is not an option.

Remember the above as you move, AND keep the momentum going! 

Always seek to STAY INFORMED!

© 2019 Operation P.R.O. "I AM: PROfessional, PROficient, and PROcise in my advocacy." Use What You Have and Make. It. Happen.