Be empowered to sustain and maintain responsibility and involvement in the future, by staying aware in the present!


To declare “I AM: PROfessional, PROficient, & PROcise in my advocacy!”©  you must stay informed regularly and consistently involved in happenings surrounding what matters most to you. Here are some outlets tailored to whatever your availability is. Here are some options to start you off:

  • Go In Person- Check the local, State, and Federal websites for hearing location, information, and when it is open to the public (most of the time it is) 

  • Watch Online- Local, State, and Federal websites will offer information to watch the sessions either "live" and/or via recording.

  • Register to monitor the progress- Subscribe to the local, State, and Federal email lists to get notifications of changes. Request additional information on items that interest you.

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You are equipped.


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